Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I have to keep ventilating the room when the ablatum mini is working?

To get the maximum result, we advise closing the room where the ablatum mini is located.

2. Where should I place the ablatum mini in the room?

We advise installing the ablatum mini as close as possible to areas that have frequent activity and use by people, for example, dining areas, tables, couches, meeting rooms, etc.

3. What is the effective room size for the ablatum mini to clean and purify the air?

The ablatum mini has been interpedently tested and certified for room sizes between 10m³ – 80m³ to clean and purify the air within 30 minutes, subject to physical obstacles to the air distribution in the room and the number of people.

4. Does the ablatum mini kill airborne viruses?

The ablatum mini has been interpedently tested and certified to clean the air for Sars-CoV-2, H1N1 Flu Virus, and Mrsa viruses.

5. Does the ablatum mini improve the air quality?

Yes, the ablatum mini’s advanced technology quickly cleans the air in the room of harmful particles, odours, bacteria, fungi, pollen, dust mites, and micro-organisms.

6. Is the ionisation unhealthy for humans animals?

The ablatum mini is certified Ozone friendly so it will not harm humans and animals. In addition to removing harmful viruses and bacteria, the ablatum mini’s advanced bi-polar ionisation will purify the air which will assist to alleviate respiratory related problems, including allergies, coughs, and asthma.

7. Does the ablatum mini need to be always switched on?

No. We advise to switch on the ablatum mini when people are in the room or alternatively, make use of the automatic built-in timer, which will operate for 10 consecutive hours, before going into standby mode and then automatically restarting this cycle at the set time.

8. How long will the ablatum mini last?

The ablatum mini will last at least 11,000 -19,000 hours before the number of ions produced will slowly begin to degrade.

9. Are there any filters in the ablatum mini that need to be replaced?

No, due to the advanced technology used in the ablatum mini, there is no need for filters, therefore making the ablatum mini maintenance free and cost effective.

10. Does the ablatum mini require maintenance?

The ablatum mini is maintenance free, but we recommend from time to time to remove dust from the unit by using compressed air, which is readily available in a spray bottle and for sale in most retail and online stores. Remember to unplug the unit, before undertaking this action.

11. How long is the warranty on the ablatum mini?

1 year, subject to the warranty policy.

12. Is the ablatum mini noisy when operating?

The ablatum mini noise level is an industry leading <10db (like a pin dropping).

13. What is the power consumption of the ablatum mini?

The ablatum mini is power efficient and only consumes 5W/0.0005kWh.

14. Does the ablatum mini comply with the Ozone requirements?

The ablatum mini has been independently tested and certified to be ozone friendly and comply with the local laws.

15. How do you know if the device is working?

The ablatum mini is in operation when the blue LED light is ON and the fan is running.

16. What is included in the box of the ablatum mini?

The following items are included: main unit, power cable, wall & desk mount, and user manual.

17. How to install the ablatum mini?

The ablatum mini requires no installation when the device is used on a desk and/or shelf. If your preference is to wall mount, then it can simply be installed with two screws and the metal wall plate included with the device.